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Welcome to WeaveUp for business

We’re a software company helping companies and customers realize the full potential of the digital textile printing revolution by providing the first industrial strength, end-to-end customization and production solution.

WeaveUp allows clients to quickly launch digital textile printing opportunities including rapid product prototyping, sampling and short-run/on-demand printing businesses. Our web-based surface design customization software allows professional designers and customers to customize a growing library of tens of thousands of designs and digitally print them on a wide array of printers and substrate types. WeaveUp is color accurate, easy to use, flexible and fast.

WeaveUp is modular

Our platform includes a customization engine, a digital design library and a seamless workflow integration down to the printer RIP. WeaveUp leverages automation – eliminating repetitive, labor-intensive and error prone tasks to make your company more efficient.

Customization Platform

Powerful, accurate and intuitive.

Design Library

Curated designs from over 2,000 independent artists.

Print Room Solutions

Workflow automation enhances productivity.